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Hi. I’m Leah. I’m an architect, a mom, a foodie, a lover of animals and nature, a traveler, a work in progress, but not always in that order. I create spaces for people — the spaces they want, the spaces they need; not the spaces I want. I do what I do to help people find their space. I come into a project to learn about people and their needs and to find a way to meet them with as little impact on the planet as their budget can afford.
Sometimes it is a project that takes months and sometimes it is just a few hours. I do what I do because I enjoy the challenge of living outside the box. I enjoy the creative world meets the building code.
I started Mill Creek Architecture for work life balance. I wanted to choose who dropped the kids off, went to the pumpkin patch, and picked them up. I wanted to have a variety of projects even if it meant one historic, one medical, and one sustainable because I enjoy all of those project types. I have worked with an array of clients from large families to a couple getting married, groups of psychologists and veterinarians, realtors, and other architects. Not only do I enjoy a mix of projects, but also a mix of owners and users. What will we work on together?